12th December 2016
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3rd January 2017
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Christmas POST


One of the tools I’ll be working on with our Summit Group next year is to create a compelling POST and if you do just one piece of work over the Christmas break I urge you to complete this exercise.

P is for PURPOSE. What is your overarching reason for being, your “Why” as Simon Sinek puts it. At the Property Academy our Purpose is “to inspire people and companies to fulfil their potential.”

O is for OBJECTIVE. What is your desired result for the next 3 years or so? Ours is “to have 250 members across our three bands of Membership.

S is for STRATEGY. Note this is singular – one strategy. At the Property Academy it’s “to have the very best coaches and Trusted Advisors.” With people like Dale Norton, (founder of Romans), Peter Rollings, (ex MD of Foxtons and Marsh & Parsons), David Pollock, (ex CEO of Greene & Co) and Josh Phegan, (Australia’s Number One Estate Agency Coach) we’ve developed a team like no one else.

T is for TACTICS. Note the plural, there can be lots of tactics. Currently we have a special deal on LiveStream Membership at just £87+VAT per month – that’s a tactic, and we have many more planned for the new year.

Once you have written down your POST make sure to share it with the whole team so they can apply appropriate Tactics to stay on course, i.e. on Strategy, to help achieve the Objective and thereby to contribute to the Purpose.

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