Four-i Blog

13th June 2016

Decision Time

No doubt the debate whether to stay in or leave the EU will increase in volume and temperature this week. Whilst many bemoan a lack of […]
6th June 2016

Four Important Questions

Jeff Grout, who spoke at Lettings LIVE last year, expanded on his presentation with a “People Recruitment & Retention Masterclass” with one of our Mastermind Groups […]
31st May 2016

Take a Risk

It came as a surprise to many of our members that a risk taking culture doesn’t just motivate people but is the joint top force for […]
23rd May 2016

What would you do with £250,000?

One of our speakers is a brilliant Corporate Financier who has personally bought and sold 402 companies, mostly SME’s, across all sectors. She gave a Business […]