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21st March 2016

Choose your Model

Property Academy speaker Glen Daley introduced a brilliant idea to one of our Mastermind Groups last week – ‘The Business Model Canvas’ (which was first designed […]
14th March 2016

Old Model, Old Tricks

I once read that “the price of clarity is the risk of insult” – I’ve taken this risk many times and will do so again now. […]
7th March 2016

Man’s Search for Meaning

One of the most important books I’ve read is “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. An Austrian psychiatrist, Frankl was incarcerated in Auschwitz and […]
29th February 2016

Bonus Day

The most common complaint I hear in business is a lack of time. Despite the futility of wishing for more it doesn’t stop people wasting what […]