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11th July 2016

Pret Facts

At 06.45 last Monday, on my way to the gym, I popped into my local Pret a Manger for a coffee. Still quite early, there were […]
4th July 2016

The Technology Myth

Do you remember the fear planted into our minds by the harbingers of doom in the build up to New Year’s Eve,1999? Planes would fall out […]
27th June 2016

Principles of Business

The debate leading up to the referendum highlighted for me why “natural laws” will always prevail and ultimately triumph over any “laws” created by politicians, religions […]
20th June 2016

Teamship Rules

At Lettings LIVE 2016, our keynote speaker, Sir Clive Woodward, gave an excellent presentation on “Teamship”, what he describes as a “style of Leadership” – and […]